OmniFSI - Full Spectrum Infrastructure

Combining years of experience in cloud technologies and innovative solutions, the OmniFSI suite of products harnesses the power of the cloud to provide ready-made and customizable solutions to organizations.


OmniLab is a virtual lab environment providing customizable and isolated environments that can be used for activities ranging from online learning, training, and testing, to forensics, malware analysis, and general development.

Why Choose OmniLab?

Isolated, individual virtual lab environments

  • Ideal for cybersecurity, forensics, and other technical training and testing.
  • Customizable to meet individual courses/use-cases.

Labs created on-demand

Scalable architecture

Reduces operational overhead

Remove hardware, software, and network management across classes

Provide consistency across the course environment across classes

Expands access to classes and labs

Eliminates in-person attendance due to technology limitations

Improves the overall learning experience

Streamline shared course information and tools

Give students access to live, multi-layered environments