What is OmniLab?

OmniLab is a virtual lab environment providing customizable and isolated environments that can be used for activities ranging from online learning, training, and testing, to forensics, malware analysis, and general development.


Why OmniLab?

Reduces operational overhead.

  • We maintain your courseware, allowing you more time to focus on training.
  • Deploy consistent environments with a click of a button.

Expands access to classes and training.

  • Makes classes more accessible by eliminating in-person attendance requirement.
  • Allow your students to be anywhere in the world, learning at their own pace.

Enhance your student's learning experience.

  • Share course information and tools efficiently.
  • Gives students access to live, multilayered environments.

OmniLab Features

Scalable to meet demand.

  • Labs can range from single instances to multilayered networks.
  • Able to support thousands of environments.

Individual, isolated virtual lab environments.

  • Customizable to meet training needs.
  • Ideal for cybersecurity and other technical training.

Cloud based platform.

  • Accessible from any browser or location.
  • No plugins or special software required.